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Life is expensive and it’s happening fast. We’ve leaked enough free creative energy. On to the next phase. It’s time to license some material.

We think “The Weekend” is as catchy as any song in any car commercial we’ve seen, except for that swelling Brandi Carlisle GM spot during the Beijing Olympics (tears, real tears!). So rather than sit around waiting for an ad agency to come knocking, we’re getting proactive. We’re also provincial folk, so we picked one of the closest agencies to us—the world-renowned Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder—and launched a Twitter assault.

We started small with badgery tweets to Alex Bogusky …


… but then decided to do more—a prospective screenplay for a commercial set to “The Weekend” delivered in a barrage of tweets and posted in toto below.


EXT—GARAGE—DAWN Weary family loading into Chrysler Aspen for a weekend getaway as THE WEEKEND begins.

INT—CHRYSLER—DAWN Two kids settle in for nap in back seat. Dog dozes on blanket on bench seat as THE WEEKEND continues.

INT—CHRYSLER—DAWN Mother and father exchange glances, buckle in and drive as THE WEEKEND builds.

EXT—ALLEY—DAWN THE WEEKEND hits bridge as Chrysler drives through alley into bright white light.

EXT—MONTAGE—DAY Chrysler zooms through progressively exotic scenery as THE WEEKEND gets dissonant. Family expressions increasingly alive and ecstatic. Wildlife in each setting approves of Chrysler as it passes by.

EXT—ALLEY—DUSK THE WEEKEND crescendos as family returns home.

INT—CHRYSLER—NIGHT Whole family wide-eyed and smiling. Dog is now panting. THE WEEKEND ends. Tagline: DRIVING. FUN AGAIN.

Groundbreaking? No, but inspired—we’ll save our best ideas for the negotiations to come.



Looks like in our excitement, we forgot to tweet the part in the screenplay where mother and father exchange glances. Hardly matters. We’re an ideas band—no time for regret.

Our next target: Apple commercial.

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